Our DVD Series

  • Teaches what English-language learners need first…speaking and understanding in full sentences.

  • Speak to Win American English DVDs don’t just lecture to teach English; they help the viewer learn through a proven cumulative pattern approach, rhymes, cheers, demonstrations, and drills.

  • Hispanic-American cheerleader hostess for cultural identification. She also serves as a mnemonic device. Her catchy cheers help viewers remember the rules!

  • The cover and menus are in English and Spanish.

  • Uniquely, Speak to Win American English DVDs have continuous movement throughout the video, including on "text" pages. This feature utilizes the DVD format to its greatest advantage, thereby leaving the viewer satisfied with the benefits of a DVD over a book, CD, or computer program.

  • No pens or books required.

  • American accents and idioms.

  • Passive learning: the patterns that are necessary for adult learners (ages 13 +)  are built into the script. 

  • Contains lessons with English grammar explanations designed for speakers of Asian and Middle Eastern languages as well as for speakers of Spanish and the other Romance languages.

  • Self-correcting speaking drills.

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