Sample Videos

Speak to Win American English DVDs don’t just lecture to teach English; they help the viewer learn through a proven cumulative pattern approach, rhymes, cheers, demonstrations, and drills. A Hispanic-American cheerleader hostess teaches the viewer to speak in full sentences from the first lesson. She also serves as a mnemonic device. Her catchy cheers help viewers remember the rules!

Please view our samples:
*All samples available in HD.

Sample Video #001
Clear explanations that simplify the grammar rules.


Sample Video #002
Fun demonstrations to help viewers remember the new lessons.


Sample Video #003
Songs that teach the new vocabulary.


Sample Video #004
Dramatizations that teach the new grammar patterns.


Sample Video #005
Music and rhythm to instill the new sentence patterns.


Sample Video #006
Sample Video #005: Complete Lesson.


Sample Video #007
English subtitles to reinforce pronunciation and grammar.


Sample Video #008
Spanish subtitles so the viewer can understand every word.


Sample Video #009
Cheers and graphics for visual learners.


Sample Video #010
Sample Video #009: Complete Lesson.


Sample Video #011
Rhymes and pictures to help the viewer
remember the words and rules.


Sample Video #012

Constant movement that enhances each explanation.